Atomic Robo gets up to all kinds of sci-fi shenanigans in his travels. And along the way he meets all kinds of side characters. These folks have their own lives with their own rich histories and crazy exploits.

We always wanted to tell their stories, but there are only so many pages in a comic book. And even if there weren’t, there are only so many hours a day we’re allowed to keep Scott chained to his desk before it becomes “unusually cruel” as if that has any objective legal meaning.

But anyway.

Thus Real Science Adventures was born. We get to tell more stories about the world of Atomic Robo, you get to read more comics, and everyone is happy. Except for Scott. But if the chains are tight enough then you can hardly hear him whimper so who cares.

How does it work? It’s quite simple really. We hire some of our favorite print and online artists, we throw some scripts at them, and then comic book magic pops out.